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Frustrated with the NG System

2008-06-06 13:14:05 by toxicwes

i understand that no system is perfect. NG is no exception. but it KILLS me that 2 of my greatest animation accomplishments (Stand Alone, and just yesterday Welfare Queens) fail to reach the daily top 5 because they get beat by cartoons with stick figures shooting each other. No offense to Peatrit... that's not bad for a newbie.

i know that what i'm doing goes over the heads of most of the NG viewers, which is MY problem. I just wish there was an outlet like NG for a more mature audience. until that happens, however, Newgrounds is really the only game in town. don't get me wrong... i like fart jokes and video games as much as anyone. i'm just frustrated.


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2008-06-06 13:32:13

yeah we all get that feeling at some time, unfortunately there's nothjing we can do about it but bitch ;)

toxicwes responds:

hahaha.. that's what i'm doing! ;)


2008-06-06 13:35:12

Your Flashes are good, but I got a little bored. I see where you're coming from though.


2008-06-06 13:37:30

If you ask me, the problem is too much Sonic on the portal...
I know it is not the only problem, but why everybody say that he is so awsome??
oh yeah, too much childrens on the portal...


2008-06-06 13:48:39

dood join the club
we work hard our flashes only to have it bumped off because chances are that some of the people who vote are just little kids who love sticks and anime

i mean im pissed about it as well at times but i get over it


2008-06-06 13:50:33

Just deal with it? I know it sucks. Ive been beaten by shitty submissions to. (not saying anyone stuff is shit though)

toxicwes responds:

yes you are.


2008-06-06 14:41:14

Well... Looking at it, your stand alone submission, deservedly has a higher score than the stickmen one.

(Updated ) toxicwes responds:

the stick man one beat out "Welfare Queens" yesterday. I don't remember what beat "Stand Alone"... it was a couple yrs back. Thanks for watching it, though!


2008-06-06 14:51:22

That happens alot, quality animations go around unnoticed but crap like any Mario parody goes to the front page. I've seen talented professional animators leave with frustration because of that. I don't know if there's any other scene like NG but if there is, they'll probably steal the quality authors from NG.

(Updated ) toxicwes responds:

i hope not... i'm not trying to be mutinous. i hope that if anything Tom and crew will think of something... like make a sister site, or adjust the ranking system somehow. i don't know.


2008-06-06 15:32:12

It's happened to us all. Just gotta deal with it sometimes.


2008-06-06 15:34:25

I made a game with original characters, 100% original artwork, about 12 tracks from the audio portal, a coherent storyline, comedy dialogue, all frame-by-frame animation, 3 levels of difficulty, 4 bosses, 4 weapons, 5 unique levels and 9 cheats to unlock. It took me over 3 months of dedicated work.

I got my ass handed to me by a painfully unfunny 3 minute cartoon about Super Smash Brothers Brawl, made with 100% inanimate stolen artwork.

toxicwes responds:

i feel your pain, brother. Cannon Crotch rules, btw!


2008-06-06 17:06:57

Wow its funny this is the first time I have seen your stuff, its the kind of stuff I am always looking for!

And yeah....I am hoping something will be done soon, I am so tired of video game parodies beating out other more quality flash.

toxicwes responds:

thanks! i'm glad my stuff connected with you. spread the word! ;)


2008-06-06 17:12:46

I'm sad to say that I'm one of those people. That's why I'm never making another video game parody ever again!

(Updated ) toxicwes responds:

no, that's not my point... i LIKE video game parodies! Metal Gear Awesome had me rolling. i don't want to discourage anyone from doing any particular type of Flash. *edit* i take that back... don't do stick cartoons. ;)

I'm just saying that this isn't the best place for material that extends beyond the scope of video game parodies and gay sex jokes.


2008-06-06 18:17:37

I agree, that on the stand alone submition, you deserved a better score then you got, but the welfareQueens thingy, although the animation and technical side of it probably deserved better then the score it got, it wasnt that interesting, and it all became quite boring after a few minuites.

(Updated ) toxicwes responds:

being 16, there's a good chance you fall right in the middle of the "over their heads" catagory i spoke of. not your fault... when i was 16 i didn't care about anything except Street Fighter 2 and boobs.


2008-06-06 18:47:18

Its been like this for years.

And it wont ever change.


2008-06-06 22:09:15

i saw welfare queens im suprised it didnt make it...the bytesize 2 collab didnt make top 5 either... :'( it made 7th...but (welfare queens)was very good


2008-06-07 01:52:34

Dude thats how i feel =/ but hey your right nothing is perfect.


2008-06-07 02:06:00

i see wut you're saying. Think i may have experience it before too.

Solution is practice practice practice times 777.


2008-06-07 02:34:00

It's a political toon, and a right-wing one at that. You submit this type of stuff to liberal, blood and gore, (euro) newgrounds, and this is what you will get. You'd have better luck submitting Pro-Jewish stuff to a radical Islamic site. Get where I am going? As for the toon, it was solid, though I could have done without you calling Social Security the SS act. Yes it's broken, but FDR deserves better then that. IMHO
Anyway.. I agree with most of what you are saying.. I too am sick of a lot of the crap that people here put on a pedestal.. Keep complaining...

(Updated ) toxicwes responds:

Welfare Queens is a PARODY of right-wing propaganda. the cartoon is the exact opposite of what i really feel. i didn't think that was too cryptic.

thanks for watching, though!


2008-06-07 03:59:33

Those are very good, but sometimes good animations go unnoticed.

It doesn't really matter if the system is changed, the people voting will still be the same and I guess serious topics aren't entertaining to some people


2010-10-16 16:41:35

Finally your flash gets frontpaged...about time. :s


2010-10-16 19:24:07

That's very true, maybe if we had more NG accounts that made more mature animations like yours we might get more people into newgrounds that are a bit more mature... :l


2010-10-17 22:18:14

Well, there's the NG treasure hunt...